Our Leadership Team has over 100 years of experience in the grain industry and that time has been focused on farmers in central Illinois.  Russ Bauer and Larry Poppe had several years of Ag sales and service experience before starting Automated Agri-Systems in 1983. They rented a building in LeRoy, Illinois and the two of them focused their business on selling, installing, and servicing grain storage, handling, and drying equipment.  They were hands on and performed all the necessary duties to meet customer expectations themselves. This allowed them to learn farmer’s needs, the challenges they face, as well as provided them the experience necessary to make a business successful.  By earning the trust of the local producers, in 1985 they were able to build and move into the present location where they have become one of the largest GSI dealers in central Illinois.  Tending to both the producer and the industry as a whole has proven to be a time tested formula that Automated Agri-Systems continues to practice on a daily basis.

In 2000, Brock Bauer joined Automated Agri-Systems full-time and he currently works in construction and sales.  During the summers of his high school and college years he worked at the company doing various tasks to gain experience.  He earned an Associate’s Degree in Ag Business Management from Illinois Central College and completed an internship at a local family farm. Brock took hands on approach to learn the business by focusing on building and servicing grain bins and handling equipment. Years of experience on the farm has helped Brock transition into sales. While wearing his sales hat, he takes time to listen to what his customers are seeking to accomplish on their farm and applies his knowledge to customize a solution that delivers today and for years to come.  During the construction season, he still oversees our storage projects to ensure we still deliver the quality that our customers have grown to expect, all while completing the job in a timely manner.  Brock also is responsible for the AAS Box Carrier manufactured since 2002 with over 400 units sold.

With the future in mind, Russ and Larry committed to adding the necessary resources that will position the company to continue to serve central Illinois farmers into the next generation.  Michael Moore was hired in 2013 as the Office Manager and he focuses on taking care of day to day customer service.  He brings years of customer service and parts business experience as well as excellent organization and communication skills.  Brett Andricks also joined the team in 2014 in a leadership capacity and brings 20 years of experience in the grain industry.