F-Series Tower Dryers are designed with the mid-sized to large farm in mind. Capacities range from 1000 BPH to 2400 BPH. All heat from cooling the grain is recycled and the long retention times result in very efficient dryer operation. A divider hopper prevents the build-up of fines in the heat section, simplifying maintenance. Self diagnostic controls accurately monitor grain moisture and temperature. If you need an efficient, quiet, and dependable drying system, the FFI F-Series Tower Dryer is just what you’re looking for.

-Gravity inlet does not require leveling auger, reducing the number of moving parts.
-Motorized grain level monitor designed for trouble free positive control.
-Uniform low velocity heated air improves efficiency and quality as well as reducing particulate emissions.
-Stainless Steel outside sheets greatly extends the life and appearance of the dryer. The screens utilize different perforation sizes to reduce emissions.
-Recycling heat from the cooling grain results in significant fuel savings.
-Self cleaning cushion box on plenum roof reduces grain damage and plenum roof wear.
-The 12-3/4″ grain columns surrounding the heat plenum chamber allows the grain to receive all BTU’s from the burner, improving efficiency while providing superior noise reduction.
-Patented Grain Inverters are used to equalize column moisture content and temperature of the grain column, greatly improving quality and efficiency.
-Divider hopper prevents particulate build up in the heat plenum chamber and simplifies maintenance.
-Sealed discharge section retains particulate matter.
-FFI’s state of the art Vision Control Panel.

-A specially designed flow control system houses the Moisture Control Sensor. This insures a constant accurate reading from the sensor back to the Moisture Control System.

MIXED FLOW INDUSTRIAL BLOWER: Highly efficient, quiet industrial blower used on all F-Series dryers, provides years of trouble free operation.
MAXON NP-LE-AL BURNER: For 1500 BPH and larger capacities.
Maxon fuel efficient, low nox in-line burner, with engineered profiling,
provides even continuous heat. Aluminum extrusion reduces burner maintenance.

PLATFORMS: Inside/outside platforms, ladders and cages are standard and provide access to the dryer.

SWEEP DISCHARGE: Field proven (patented) Accu-trol Metering System is self cleaning and provides positive grain flow.
ACCESS DOORS & HATCHES: All areas of the dryer are accessible
through doors and floor hatches for easy cleaning and maintenance.
HEAT PLENUM CHAMBER: The heat plenum chamber is entirely surrounded by a 12-3/4″ grain column. All heated air must pass through the grain column resulting in total use of heated air. Stainless steel, smooth sidewall construction with .078″ and .0625″ perforation diameter helps retain particulate matter.


INNER ROOF: Heavy galvanized inner roof and support provides over 300 bushels of wet holding in the garner. The garner is totally sealed to retain particulate matter.

METERING DRIVE: The SCR variable speed DC motor and the single
maintenance free Cyclo gearbox located in the cooling chamber provides simple, trouble free operation of the dryers metering system.
PATENTED GRAIN INVERTERS: Promote more even drying, higher test weights, and also help reduce operating costs.
While the older grain exchangers move grain from the inside of the grain
column to the outside of the column in 6” columns, the patented FFI GrainInverters put a new twist on this process.
FFI’s Grain Inverters move all grain, except the outer two inches, within the column to eliminate over-dried grain and to maximize drying efficiency and grain quality. These patented Grain Inverters redirect the warmest grain from the inside of the column to be next to the wettest grain left at the outside of the column where it is dried by the captured heat which would have otherwise escaped the dryer.
This process maintains optimal grain temperature, thus maximizing grain
quality while using less fuel and significantly reducing operating costs.
A convenient clean-out door also provides easy access for quick maintenance.