Keeping your grain in condition throughout its time spent in storage is the most vital aspect to any storage system. GSI and ffi design and manufacture a complete line of rugged aeration and grain conditioning systems to help maintain grain quality. Choose from a variety of high efficiency vane axial, centrifugal, and inline centrifugal fans and heaters, all with features designed to reduce costs and boost performance.


For applications requiring high airflow at static pressures below 6″, GSI offers vane axial fans in 12″ diameter (1 hp) through 28″ diameter (15 hp).  Vane axial fans 18″ and smaller use cast aluminum blades.  24″ and 28″ vane axial fans use durable composite airfoil blades that are lightweight for easy starting.  The 12″ through 28″ (1-15 hp) units feature a 3450 RPM motor for increased fan performance and energy efficiency.  Close fan blade tip clearance and straightening vanes provide maximum airflow and reduced turbulence to ensure smooth and consistent airflow.  All 24″ and 28″ vane axial fans also include an inlet venturi which funnels air more efficiently into the fan.  Venturi’s are durable sun resistant polymer and grill guards are corrosion-resistant painted for longer life.

GSI’s 1750 RPM centrifugal fans are built with a heavy galvanized steel, scroll-type housing and inverted inlet venturi. A non-overloading backward-inclined airfoil wheel provides high airflow with a long motor life. These fans operate at a reduced noise level and are designed to accommodate a variety of heatersfor use on drying bins where higher capacities are required. Models are available from 5 – 50 HP with static pressures up to 11”.

• Patented “Blue-Burn” optimizer on propane (LP) models.
• Transition high-limit switch.
• Liquid filled pressure gauge.
• Automatic ignition shutoff after proof of flame for extended ignitor life.
• Mechanical, normally closed, flame switch with time delay reset which is electronically monitored for greater safety.
• Pipe train and burner design allows heater to work HIGH-temp or LOW-temp (down to 10 degree temperature rise).
• Solid-state flame sensing using flame conduction.
• Self-diagnosing “Smart” board with a 3-year warranty.
• Large, easy-access door with clear view window.
• 10 second purge delay.
VANE AXIAL DOWNSTREAM HEATERS: Whether natural air-drying grain or heat drying, all GSI “drying” fans have the option of adding a heater. With capacities
up to 3.0 million BTU/hr., our vane axial fan and heater combination provides the very best in high capacity grain drying.  Vane axial heaters are available in 18”
through 28” diameter, liquid propane, propane vapor or natural gas models.
CENTRIFUGAL DOWNSTREAM HEATERS: GSI’s downwind centrifugal burner is a high efficiency option to compliment our high capacity centrifugal fans. Specially designed burners are adjustable for uniform heating temperatures with a choice of liquid propane, propane vapor or natural gas. Available for GSI’s 1750 RPM (10-40 HP) centrifugal models, the downwind centrifugal burner is capable of capacities up to 4.2 million BTU/hr.
-GSI uses heavy-duty motors to withstand years of use in a variety of climates and conditions.
-All GSI control boxes are weather-resistant with heavy-duty Start and Stop switches.
-Transitions are available to connect GSI fans to bins, aeration ducts, or concrete entrance ways.
-Humidistats or thermostats are available.