Services We Provide:

  • System Design – New, Expansion, Renovation, Upgrades.
  • Construction – Concrete Foundations and Receiving Pits, Farm & Commercial Grain Bins, Bin Floors, Hopper Tanks, Fan Transitions and more.
  • Millwright – Bucket Elevators, Conveyors, Towers & Catwalks, Spouting & Accessories, Air Systems, Dryer Installation, Grain Pumps.
  • Service-Dryers, Fans, Heaters, Motors, Unloading & Handling Equipment, Legs & Conveyors, Stirators.
  • Parts-Motors, FFI Dryer Parts, Spouting, Elbows, Valves, Unload Augers, Sweep Augers, Powerheads, Belts, Bushings, Sheaves, Sprockets, Hardware, Spreaders, Pulleys, Flighting, Shafts, Buckets, FFI Fans & Heaters, Angle Rings, Clamp Bands and much more (See Parts Tab).
  • Pre-Season Checks-Dryers, Fans & Heaters, Air Systems, Grain Flow Systems, Bucket Elevators.
  • Electrical-Dryers, Fans & Heaters, Motors, Gearboxes.
  • Fabrication-Transitions, Boot Hoppers.
  • Used Equipment-Portable Augers, Portable Dryers, Fans/Heaters.

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