The FFI Modular Tower Dryer Series uses modular construction to improve overall fit, dependability and speed of installation. Building on site, often referred to as “Stick Built” has been the standard method of construction for the larger tower dryers that the FFI Group manufactures. However, with the new Modular Tower Dryer comes the option to factory assemble a tower dryer in modules, then ship the dryer to the site for final assembly. This leads to several improvements including:

• Assembly at the FFI’s state of the art manufacturing plant means labor time on site is reduced and labor efficiency can be maximized.

• The use of specially built jigs ensures that each module is exactly right, ready to fasten to the other modules with a minimum of adjustment or work.

• Shipping in modules means fewer part back-orders due to limited availability or damage to parts in transit.

• On site assembly can be done quickly with a crane with almost all work occurring close to the ground.

• The modular design allows for a standard adjustable unload auger that extends past the outside edge of the dryer with a clearance of 8″ to 42”, with the option to direct discharge at the center of the dryer with 24″ of clearance.

• Safety and operational devices are pre-installed on each module. Wire and conduit are ready to uncoil and wire to the main control boxes reducing time and chance of error.

• Control boxes, though remote install capable, are mounted on the base module ready to accept the wiring from the other modules.

• Controls are pre-powered and all module wiring and components pre-tested to assure correct operation and improved dependability at start-up.

• Modular construction makes relocating the dryer easier.


-Gravity inlet does not require leveling auger, reducing the number of moving parts.
-Self cleaning cushion box on the plenum roof reduces grain damage and plenum roof wear.
-Motorized grain level monitor designed for trouble free positive control.
-The 12-3/4″ grain columns surrounding the heat plenum chamber allows the grain to receive all BTU’s from the burner, improving efficiency while providing superior noise reduction.
-Uniform low velocity heated air improves efficiency and quality as well as reducing particulate emissions.
-Patented, all stainless steel grain inverters are used to equalize column moisture content and temperature of the grain column, greatly improving quality and efficiency.
-Optional stainless steel outside sheets can greatly extend the life and appearance of the dryer. All screens, galvanized or stainless, utilize .078 & .0625 perforations to reduce emissions.
-Like all FFI Tower Dryers, the heat chamber floor self cleans in the minimum or maximum cooling positions.
-Recycling heat from the cooling grain results in significant fuel savings.
-The sealed discharge section retains particulate matter.
-FFI’s state of the art Vision Control Panel.
-A specially designed flow control system houses the Moisture Control Sensor. This insures a constant accurate reading from the sensor back to the Moisture Control System.
ADJUSTABLE COOLING FLOOR: FFI Modular Dryers have a unique and patent pending feature called the Adjustable Cooling Floor. This floor allows two major improvements to the dryers operation.
In the past, Tower dryers were designed for a 67/33 split with its traditional Dry & Cool ability, or the 80/20 split with its ability to achieve greater capacities in grain over 25% or operate in partial cooling mode. It is now possible to have both with the FFI Modular Dryer adjustable cooling feature. This feature involves 8 hinged doors that can change the split from approximately 67/33 to 80/20 and back again in a matter of minutes. Each door can be locked in either position by individual control handles easily reached from the service area in the cooling section of the dryer.
If the harvest year starts at 30%, the modular dryer can operate in the minimum cooling position delivering dried and cooled grain within 10 degrees of the ambient temperature. For grain nearing 20%, the modular dryer doors can be adjusted to the maximum cooling position for optimum grain drying and cooling results. Used in combination with adequate cooling air in cooling bins, the modular dryer doors can be adjusted to the minimum cooling position to take advantage of additional capacity. Only the FFI Modular Tower Dryer allows this simple method for controlling the amount of cooling that is to be applied.
In addition, the Modular Tower Dryer features a self cleaning design. Specially designed divider floors allow any chaff or fines that would otherwise accumulate in the heat chamber to drop into the cooling chamber. The Adjustable Cooling Floor prevents particulate build up in the heat plenum of the dryer in the minimum or maximum cooling positions.
CONNECTIONS MADE SIMPLE: An adjustable auger allows from a 0° to 30° angle to accommodate a variety of facility configurations. The flexibility of this auger provides for faster setup times and fewer field modifications to achieve the appropriate connections. In addition, a durable, powder coated
gravity inlet does not require a leveling auger, reducing the number of moving parts.  Discharge Height is Adjustable to 42” with standard unload auger and 24” at the center discharge with standard legs. An option for 24” taller legs is available.
BLOWER & BURNER: Modular Tower Dryers are designed with the mid-sized to large farm in mind. Capacities range from 800 to 1,690 BPH at 5 point removal. All heat from the grain cooling process is recycled
and the long retention times result in very efficient dryer operation.

Inline Blower: Efficient, quiet, adjustable pitch blowers deliver high volumes of air at low horsepower on all models.
Octagon Burner: FM-1012 and smaller models use a fuel efficient in-lineoctagon burner to provide even continuous heat.
Maxon NP-LE-AL Burner: For FM-1015 only, a Maxon fuel efficient, low nox in-line burner with engineered profiling provides even continuous heat.  An aluminum extrusion reduces burner maintenance.

MODULAR HEAT CHAMBER: The heat plenum chamber is entirely surrounded by a 12-3/4″ grain column. All heated air must pass through the grain column resulting in total use of heated air. The galvanized and optional stainless steel smooth sidewall construction with .078” and .0625” perforations helps retain particulate matter.
METERING DRIVE: The SCR variable speed DC motor and the single maintenance free Cyclo gearbox located in the cooling chamber provides
simple, trouble free operation of the dryers metering system.
SWEEP DISCHARGE: Field proven (patented) Accu-trol Metering System is self cleaning and provides positive grain flow.