Bruning Seed Vac

3” Bruning Seed Vac
Model 316-9G
– 16 Hp engine
– Moves 4 – 5 BPM
Ideal for individual box planters or bulk fill planters

4” Bruning Seed Vac
  -Model 423-11G
-23 Hp engine
-Moves 7 – 8 BPM
Ideal for bulk fill planters – Moves seed twice as fast as 3” vac

  • Bruning Seed Vacs deliver seed to your planter on a cushion of air
  • With the vacuum capability you have the option to clean out your planter and return seed to the source
  • Use the Vac for miscellaneous grain clean up around the farm
  • There are many applications that the Vac can work with, including: boxes, wagons, trucks, and other bulk seed carrying equipment

AAS Box Carrier

  • Use as an options along with the Bruning Seed Vac
  • Comes in 2  to 6 box units
  • Built to mount on your trailer or truck bed deck
  • Low profile design to rid high lifts
  • Carrier unit lengths with Vac mounted:

2-Box Unit – 13’6”
3-Box Unit – 18’
4-Box Unit – 23’
5-Box Unit – 28’
6-Box Unit – 33’

Carrier Options:

  • Talc Applicator option is ideal for bulk fill planters to apply talc or graphite
  • Scale options are available using a Scale Tec systems
  • Mini-boom options for many bulk fill planters give operators a hands free fill
  • Full extension booms are available to mount on trailers.  Ideal for individual box planters making a hose free fill

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