TopDry is a dryer located in the top of a grain bin. A layer of grain in the overhead drying chamber is dried by a large fan and heater then dumped to a holding area below. A smaller aeration fan below captures heat from this previously dried grain, and pushes it upward to help dry the next load. This recycling of heat increases efficiency, which greatly reduces drying costs.

All heat drying while cooling in a cooling bin has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to dry grain. With the GSI TopDry System, we go one step further by capturing the heat normally blown out the top of the cooling bin and reuse it in the drying process. In addition, TopDry allows filling, drying and dumping operations to be run automatically in the AutoFlow models. TopDry is also a storage bin providing up to 30,000 bushels of storage. One complete package that saves time and money!

TopDry’s all have large volumes of grain in process with low airflow rates compared to other drying systems. This allows for gentler handling that with additional management can even make the drying of Food Grade grain possible. Diversity, flexibility and field proven controls make TopDry a reliable and convenient solution for grain drying and storage.